Seneca Carrillo, MD


I am a board-certified emergency medicine physician for the last 20+ years but recently started my own metabolic health practice. Like many in this space, I was introduced to metabolic root causes for disease after reading The Obesity Code by Dr. Jason Fung. It led me on a path to learning all about fasting, the keto diet, low carb diets and how nutrition and lifestyle impact health, sleep, stress and longevity. Using this information, I took aim at family and friends and have been able to successfully reverse prediabetes, hypertension and improve quality of life for the people I care about most. I feel impassioned enough to make this my calling where I spend the time to dive deep into my patients’ eating habits, behaviors and lifestyle choices to help better manage their health. Diet Doctor provides a ton of resources, from recipes to education materials, that are invaluable to clients.


  • Doctor of Medicine


  • Emergency medicine
  • Metabolic Health Practictioner

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