Robert Cywes

Robert Cywes, MD, PhD


I am a clinically practicing doctor and surgeon in Florida and Idaho. Our mission at Weight Management and Bariatric Surgery is educating the public about a carbohydrate addiction approach to treating obesity, diabetes and metabolic syndrome. We help our patients understand the importance of replacing carbs in their diet with real food and that carbs are a toxic, harmful substance often eaten in response to emotional tension. We give our patients a more effective, diverse, and healthy set of emotion management tools for lifelong sustainability of mental and physical health, happiness and well-being. We convert people from toxic sugar burners to healthy fat (keto) burners and address the root cause of addiction to carbs from an emotion management perspective. Sometimes we use obesity surgery and other procedures as tools along the way, and help people who have had bariatric surgery stay healthy and not relapse. Set up a consultation if you are looking for more sustainable ways to treat obesity, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, cholesterol issues and thyroid disease. Even if you are doing great but need physician confirmation or if you are considering or struggling after bariatric surgery we can assist you getting back on track. Text, whatsapp or call to leave a message on our “batphone” +1 561 517-0642 from anywhere in the world. We do secure telehealth, Zoom and Whatsapp phone and video consults all over the world. If appropriate we can order blood work and Coronary Artery Calcium Scores as part of a consultation. You can find me as Dr. Robert Cywes - Carb Addiction Doc on Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook. Also follow @carbaddictionmom on Instagram and Facebook to see how we live our lives and to understand how we raise our son in a ketocarnivore family.


  • Doctor of Medicine
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