Olga Bezulga, MD, PhD


I use food as medicine and consider the LCHF diet the best medicine, prevention and medicine for longevity. I work with patients with therapeutic pathologies, most often endocrinological, cardiological, gynecological, gastroenterological and oncological pathologies. I work with LCHF in different keto proportions. I constantly check my patients' basic metabolic parameters and have seen improvements in these indicators in keto patients more than once. I always use evidence-based medicine data.


  • Doctor of Medicine
  • Doctor of Philosophy


  • Internal medicine
  • Nutrition
  • Obesity medicine/Bariatrics


  • Diet Doctor/PIM Therapeutic Carbohydrate Restriction CME

Contact information

Doctor Bezugla privat clinic
Kozhumiatska Street, 16b, Kyiv, Ukraine, 04071