Marty Kendall, BEng


Marty Kendall is an engineer who seeks to optimise nutrition using a data-driven approach. His interest in nutrition began to help his wife Monica, who has Type 1 Diabetes, improve her nutrition to reduce her insulin requirements and control her blood sugar. He launched in 2016 to share his insights on satiety, nutrient density, insulin resistance, weight loss and blood glucose control. He runs several programs to help people improve their nutrition and metabolic health: - Data-Driven Fasting teaches people to use their blood glucose as a fuel gauge to guide when and what they eat. - The Macros Masterclass guides people to balance protein, carbs and fat to optimise their blood glucose and weight. - The Micros Masterclass shows people how to get the micronutrients they need from their food.


  • BEng (Hons)


  • Nutrition

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Optimising Nutrition
2 Eginbah Crt, Shailer Park, QLD, Australia, 4128