Graham Phillips

Graham Phillips, BPharm


I am the pharmacist who gave up drugs! That's because drugs will only mask, not fix, your underlying metabolic conditions. In my Youtube channel presentation "Live Healthier for a Longer Life" (See here: I explain my 5-year quest to find diet and lifestyle solutions to common metabolic issues. At our ProLongevity clinic we use continuous glucose monitoring, or CGMs, attached to your arm, which we monitor over an app for two weeks. We establish which foods are healthy for you as an individual and which are not and then recommend a set of sustainable lifestyle and dietary adjustments unique to you. We call it “Precision Nutrition” (You are what you eat!)


  • Batchelor of Pharmacy
  • Dip Comm Pharm
  • FRPharmS


  • Family Medicine
  • Nutrition
  • Obesity medicine/Bariatrics
  • Functional Medicine

Contact information

UNIT 3 THE METRO CENTRE, St Albans, United Kingdom, AL4 9QT