Fernanda Lopez

Fernanda Lopez, MD


I'm a functional practitioner for about 5 years. In my practice I'm seeing how chronic and degenerative diseases are growing globally and how it affects younger ages. I had to deal with my own issues (chronic asthma and acne) since I was young. I've been medicated with corticoids, lots of creams and drugs for acne. I never received any nutrition advice, but using a low-carb and highly nutrient-dense diet I cured all of my issues, including depression, migraine, and lack of energy. I'm happy to prescribe a low-carb high fat diet to my friends, family and patients.


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    • Diet Doctor/PIM Therapeutic Carbohydrate Restriction CME

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    SEN Centro Medico
    Av Cristo Redentor 7mo anillo, Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia