Clara P. Triane

Clara P. Triane, MD


Hi, I’m Dr. Clara P. Triane, and people call me Doctor Clarity. I'm a Board-certified Family Medicine physician from California with over two decades of clinical experience. I am now available for virtual consultations to show you how you can enjoy a low carbohydrate, animal-based diet to prevent or even reverse obesity, hypertension, diabetes, digestive problems, autoimmune diseases. Almost everyone I meet can improve their physical and mental state in so very many ways with this knowledge. My goal is to show you how to naturally optimize your metabolic and hormonal functioning without unnecessary drugs. This is the latest in dietary science which, amazingly, requires you to eat the most satisfying and delicious food on the planet! I want to inspire you to create a new, healthier body and mind with a ketogenic attitude. This is not just a diet—this is the path of optimal health for the rest of your life! (Se habla español.)


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Dr. Clara Triane, Doctor Clarity
Sonoma, CA 95476