Carrie Reedy

Carrie Reedy, BHSc


After years of trialing many different ways of eating to support my own health challenges, I found the ketogenic way of eating a few years ago, and haven't looked back. I love the way my body feels eating this way, and know that others will too. Improvements in energy, sleep, hormones and immune health have been wonderful side benefits from lowering my daily carbohydrate intake. I use a ketogenic way of eating with many clients in my clinic to support blood sugar balance, weight loss, mood stabilisation, to decrease pain levels and for overall good health. I've found it particularly beneficial for conditions like lymphedema and lipedema, which respond beautifully to this way of eating. . I regularly refer clients to for great recipes and helpful articles to help incorporate ketogenic principles into everyday life.


  • Bachelor of Health Science


  • Nutrition
  • Health Coaching
  • Non-Prescribing Healthcare Provider


  • Nutrition Network Professional Training in LCHF/Ketogenic Nutrition & Treatment

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Carrie Reedy Functional Nutrition
14 The Haven, Canning Vale WA, Australia, 6155