Carlos Bastian

Carlos Bastian, MD


I’m a Gastrintestinal Surgeon and specialized in Therapeutic and Diagnostic Endoscopy. In 2018 I had my first contact with low carb, because I had metabolic syndrome. After 3 months, I lost 20 kg and all my health indexes normalized. Since then, I started to go deeper into this subject, having concluded last year the online course of prof. Tim Noakes in LCHF clinical practice and inserted such conduct in my approach to my patients.


  • Doctor of Medicine


  • Surgery
  • Gastrointestinal Surgery

Contact information

Hospital Governador Celso Ramos/ Hospital SOS Cardio
Hospital Governador Celso Ramos - Rua Irmã Benwarda - Centro, Florianópolis - State of Santa Catarina, Brazil