Austin Jeans

Austin Jeans, MBChB


As a Sports Medicine Physician my epiphany in 2012 as to the benefits of a LCHFD has inspired me to spreading the message to my patients, to my medical colleagues and to the public through my writings and lecture forums. I have been able to re-engage my medical practice towards the resolution of people’s metabolic diseases using effective low carb nutrition and the improvement of physical performance in athletes at many levels with ketogenic dietary programs. What a privilege it is to be among those medical practitioners ‘enlightened’ with this knowledge and at the forefront of the change in medical practice towards a ‘lifestyle focused’ rather than ‘pharmocentric’ approach to the betterment of people’s (and ultimately population) health & wellness.


  • Medicinae Baccalaureus et Baccalaureus Chirurgiae


  • Sports medicine
  • Lifestyle Medicine

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56 Kingsmead Rd, Harare, Zimbabwe

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