Amor Santiago, MPH, DPM, CMT


I am trained as a podiatric physician and surgeon, and have been in leadership of a number of organizations in primary care, mental health, and social services. I am on the Public Health faculty at San Jose State University. I was responsible at The Health Trust for obesity prevention in children, working with the mistaken hypothesis of the energy balance model (calories in = calories out) involving eating less and moving more. With a diagnosis of prostate cancer, and the discovery of Dr. Tim Noakes work, I have been on a ketogenic diet to improve metabolism for optimal health since 2016. The testimonials found here are very supportive of the diet as well as encouraging and hopeful. Diet Doctor's well-produced videos provide practical knowledge as well as the current science and emerging research behind this approach to healthy weight and metabolism.


  • Master of Public Health
  • Doctor of Podiatric Medicine
  • Certified Massage Therapist


  • Health Coaching
  • Nutrition
  • Sports massage


  • Nutrition Network Professional Training in LCHF/Ketogenic Nutrition & Treatment

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