Alexander Mackenzie Omel, MD


My name is Alexander. I’m in the middle of a career in Anaesthesiology - but for the past 5 years I have been deeply passionate about fasting, low carb/keto, metabolism and metabolic health, insulin resistance, CGM monitoring, chronic disease, sleep, longevity, lipidology, functional medicine and more. Following all the great minds of the world (including Dr. Bret Scher and DietDoctor), I spend thousands of hours with lectures and books. I’m hooked as a low carb doctor! I have coached and helped many patients with metabolic syndrome and diabetes. I’m a member of Denmark's biggest Facebook group for patients with diabetes treated with low carb/lifestyle intervention and I am an expert member of a biohacking group with +10.000 members. I am bursting with knowledge, ready to share with my patients and anyone who would like to improve their health and live the best life they can.


  • Doctor of Medicine


  • Anesthesiology


  • Diet Doctor/PIM Therapeutic Carbohydrate Restriction CME

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Tulipanvænget 6, Lille Skensved, Denmark